Tap It Brewery has a core range of 4 beers, we then have  seasonal range and an experimental range as our brewer lee experiments with different blends. Keep an eye out on our Instagram and Facebook for the latest beers available or pop down and see what is on offer. 

One small step for an IPA fan but one giant leap for a lager drinker, this IPA uses an American hop to give it a wonderful fruity, floral, citrusy and earthy aroma. The slightly sweeter malt backbone, finishing with a dryness and a subtle hop presence, makes this the prefect transitional beer for the recent converts to craft beers.

Rogue is an America Pale Ale – strong on flavour and aroma. To achieve this special brew we use only one hop. This is a powerful US hop with flavour notes of grapefruit & intense pine. It is generally used as a bittering hop, however we have been able to mix it in such a way that we use it in every stage of the hop additions resulting in our lovely fruity APA.

Our Milk Stout is what it says it is, a lovely complex mix of seven different malts supported by a good amount of milk sugar (lactose) to give it a sweet yet complex flavour profile. Only two hop additions here, one for bittering and then one for a little aroma.

Swifty is the beer that puts a whole new spin on the expression ‘popping out for a swift one’. Indeed, we challenge you to drink only one beer that combines both White Wheat & Vienna to give it such a nice body and aroma. We then add in a little crystal for sweetness and finally a huge hop addition to give you a truly flavoursome beer at under 4%.