Brew Experience Days

07:00 Meet at brewery, have breakfast chat about the recipe and how it was developed

07:30 Change into Brewing appropriate clothes

07:45 : Gather the malt and salts, recirculate the HLT

08:15  Mash in and discussion of the process

08:30 CIP FV and paraflow

09:00 Coffee (or beer if they want)

09:30 Start the vorlauf with explanation of the process

10:00 Start transfer to kettle

10:10 Start the sparge and discuss process

12:00 Dig out the mash tun

12:30 Clean the Mash Tun

13:30 Have lunch 

14:00 Boil start

14:10 Gather kettle hops

15:30 Boil Finish

15:40 Chill whirlpool

16:00 Start whirlpool and add hops

16:50 Start transfer to FV

18:00 Pitch Yeast

18:05 Take gravity

18:10 Tidy up

18:30 Have a few beers

  • The participants can drink as much as they like from 18:30-20:00 after the brew
  • They can drink some beer during the brew but obviously safety is priority
  • All participants must read and sign risk assessment and accident waiver before brew
  • They can return with up to 5 friends each on a chosen day after the beer is ready and have 2 free pints each in the taproom or take 2 takeaway containers each
  • They get a certificate at end of day
  • They get featured and tagged on our social media

Proposed date:

For dates, lets initially sell a voucher and then once we have 3 participants lock in a date.

Proposed price: £120 per head please discuss

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