Our Beers

At Tap It we brew an eclectic mix of beers, we aim to brew beers for everyone. We generally brew beers that can be consumed by the pint and are a talking point but don't detract from the conversation.

So when you are drinking and apreciating our crisp pilsner, you don't stop analysing the Saints game that you are about to attend with your mates.

We also do some colaborations with our friends in the brewing industry from time to time.

Please see bellow some of the beers we have done.



 A clean, refreshing session IPA with Citra, Mosaic and Simcoe in Whirlpool and dryhop. It has a nice Nice citrusy finish.

Dialing In

 Dialing in is one of the first Tap It beers that Head Brewer Donncha created. Citra, Mosaic and Solero Hops in the Whirlpool and Dryhop & Vermont style yeast make this New England pale burst with stopne fruits on a pillowy malt base.


This beer is all about the harmony between hops, malt, yeast and water. Golden Promise as the base malt, a variety that let's the hops sing, with additions of Astra, Citra and Sultana hops providing Citrus,Tropical Fruits and particularly passion fruit flavours. We use a Vermont yeast, to round off the flavour with tropical stone fruit vibes.



This is a brand new beer created by Head Brewer: Donncha Burke
It's both juicy and sesionable, with tropical juicy hit from a perfect combination of Citra and Azzacca.
Citra and Azzacca were both added in late boil additions, whirlpool and dryhop in just the right amounts with a little back up by Mosaic.

Sweet Caroline

This is a brand new beer created by Head Brewer: Donncha Burke.
It is thick black and dripping in sweetshop vibes with it being a Marshmallow & Honeycomb stout.


This is Tap It's first foray into lager brewing. Bohemian style pilsner with a modern twist, combining Czech Kazbek & American Loral hops.

Mad Cow

This beer is Immensely smooth and subtly sweet with a combination of 10 different malted and unmalted grains, it has a complex chocolate and toasty profile


A punchy New England IPA introducing Citra, Nelson and Motueka hops on a heavy oat and flaked barley malt base. Fermented with Sanders Vermont style yeast. Expect Stone fruits and tropical punch.


This beer Combines six different malts including Double Roasted Crystal giving a complex old school malty backbone.These flavours are layered with Citra, Cascade & Mosaic giving it a new world slant whilst staying unapologetically West Coast.


All beers listed are semi core and not always availabe, but when they are they are all available in keg. We do perodically can beers as well.

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